There is no doubt that Equicez have come a long way since they first met up in 1993. Their debut was long in the making, and after ten years with gigs and battles the debut album “State of Emergency-Generation Equiz” was finished. Both Cast and F’Em One knew that making a hip-hop album would be hard, and that they would have to work over a long period to achieve this. The debut was a great success and the ten year wait was definitely worth it...

One year after the release of ”State of Emergency-Generation Equiz” Cast and F’Em One are looking back on a very successful twelve months. Their album is definitely the most praised hip-hop album ever to be released in Norway, and this naturally puts them among the heavyweight rap artists in Scandinavia. Both ZTV and MTV have been airing two of Equicez’s music videos, “Barsnlig” and “Live from pass it”. The single “barnslig” aired on Norway’s biggest radio station P3 for 16 weeks. At the Norwegian hip hop awards 2004, Equicez collected three prizes; album of the year: “Equicez-State of Emergency”, Song of the year: “Barnslig”, and the award for the best MC went to Cast. Equicez has also been nominated for many awards at Spellemannsprisen (Norways Grammy) and this year they won in the category “Best hip hop”. They also won the well-respected Alarm award for best hip hop album.

F’ Em One assures us that they have been working a lot the last year, and that within five years they will be one of the biggest acts in Europe. Equicez have played the biggest festivals in Scandinavia including Roskilde, Quart and Øya during the last year. Their enormous success has also attracted other interested artists who would like to work with Equicez, this resulted in the mixtape album “The Omen”. This album includes Cast and F’Em One doing two solo projects and also them together with a brand new song as Equicez. Dirty Oppland’s Onkl P also guests this album.

Cast and F’Em One are both in progress with each their solo album. These are planned released winter 2005, but this autumn you will be hearing the new singles. Cast, F’Em One and other artists signed the “Pass It” record label can also be seen at this summers Quart festival. There “Pass It” will be warming up Dizzie Rascal and N.E.R.D

Equicez have the ambitions and the talent to make it big, and with other artists either selling out, or getting out of the game Equicez have a golden opportunity to make they’re mark on Europe.